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5 Cool Beach Spots in Downtown Cozumel

Downtown Cozumel is situated on the beautiful, turquoise waters of San Miguel Bay. There are many nice places to explore all along the emblematic waterfront.

If your looking for a chill vibe with the option for private cabañas Hemingway's Beach Lounge and Night Club is the perfect place for you. Within walking distance from the downtown plaza, don't hesitate to dive in and enjoy the water with plenty of snorkel equipment for rent as well as Kayaks and Jetskis.

La Monina Restaurant and Beach has a delicious menu in the restaurant on the upper deck and a nice beach area underneath. La Monina es known for it's romantic evening dinners and events on the beach. At the southern end of the waterfront is Carlota Beach Club which in addition to the beach and restaurant bar area has a pier and a pool and is a great place to come for the sunset and stay for the nightclub scene.

In the center of downtown are two convenient spots for beach time, the No Name Bar at Barracuda Hotel and Jeannie's Restaurant and Beach Club. Jeannie's is known for it's easy access to Scuba and Snuba Center, an underwater experience for anyone, no certification needed. No Name Bar has a nice pool and protected sandy area as well as a pier where you can do Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Delille Sports next door.

Watching a Cozumel Sunset from any of the downtown beachfront locations is a must do experience for the bucket list. Enjoy!

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